"Hand it In" to "Publish it": Re-envisioning our Classrooms--NECC 2007

This sectional at NECC was led by Will Richardson. This was my first time listening to one of his presentationals and I was very impressed! Of all the people I haven't been reading for the past two years, it was Will.

What I thought was so thought provoking about his presentation was how he kept pointing us to a larger picture. Especially in Luthern schools, we get caught up in the details (which are important, but...) that we forget the larger picture of who we are teaching. I don't know where I heard this phrase, but it was echoed several times by Will: "Are you preparing students for your past, or for their future?" It's cool to hear him talk about his own kids and how they are growing up in the 21st century. But more important than the tools is the teacher's ability to reach kids where they are at. Students engage, collaborate, create, and they do that within the context of the technology.

Give it a listen. The statistics are rather mind blowing.

Here is the link for the session wiki

To listen to the sectional podcast: Wes Fryer--Speed of Creativity

Skype notes from a group during the presentation

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