5E Lesson Model in MOODLE

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5E Lesson Model in MOODLE--sectional is like a movie trailer just a short introduction to get you coming back for more
Charles McCall and Charles Ackerman

Presentation is a model classroom lesson on tariffs. Walk through how the 5E lesson is put together and flows using Moodle.

Typically there are key learning points about a topic, but this is more of a show and tell (or show and do for some of us IN the model classroom).

There seem to be SO many modules for Moodle, that it almost makes you head spin!

Discussion tips: Only allow 2 posts in direct discussion posts (students are required to post an opinion), that way the discussion doesn't digress into a "Hey, what are you having for dinner?" kind of stuff.

Moodle Quizes--Students LOVE the immediate feedback. Said that students hate doing things on paper. The don't complain about the writing or it's "cooler" than paper, but they like the immediate feedback.

Emphasis on mixed presentation--both lab-based(in class) instruction/interaction and web-based(online class) instruction/interaction. Research based on ISTE study (can't find reference to research.

Good ideas in terms of how to create a lesson using the 5E model with Moodle.

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DysFUNction--Reaching Your Staff with the right Prof. Dev.


Chris O'Neal

Convincing Admins-
Give them data-how you approach different positions with different sets of data
For in-services, pull out only what they need. Find out what keeps them awake at night and speak the “language” of the life
Pew Internet-great resource for data

Which kids in your classroom are not engaged, and why aren't they engaged? Essential question for helping teachers see the "need" to use technology in their teaching.

Common Excuses
Tough Units
Hard to reach students
Communication with parents

Encourage teachers to use something like TeacherTube to upload student content. It's easy.

Board Members
Consider image of the school system. What are the issues that the board cares about and tailor "tech talk" to their needs. Examples below

  • Public perception
  • Money
  • Data
  • Troublesome

Public image--Using SchoolTube to create a specific picture of what our school looks like

Central Office--Doesn't appy to Lutheran Schools (Could this apply to convincing District Ed. Execs?)

Central Office folks "tend" to not unify prof. dev. Connect technology to all the other core curriculum areas and value what they have to offer. Intentionally include others who are incredibly focused.

TCPK--No more tech workshops: must overlay the areas of tech, content areas, and pedagogy to create. Connectedness, Content-driven, Pedagogical

**Aside--Chris would be a great person to present to Lutheran Tech Coord. group about how to bring along unwilling teachers**

Great resource--Edutopia

REALLY effective communication! Student satisfaction. Child's committment to school (These are important to parents)

Encourage parents to be advocate technology use in the classroom.

How about you?
Google Calendar--Using SMS reminders/email reminders. Calendar for a class (How about for a sports schedule?)
--Time Saving tools (Blog)

How are YOU using technology to make your position or office more effective

  • Get your time in order
  • Survey your landscape for: Unity, Effective communications, Data
  • Step back and look what you are doing

IT people also should be talked to in a specific way!

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NETS-T--Technology Standards for Teachers


Panel discussion about the NETS-T
Panel: Christine Greenhow, University of Minnesota with Jay Pfaffman, Andrea Prejean and Neal Strudler

What are the challenges to fully incorporating teaching standards:

Model, Model, Model

Not enough computers
We don't model enough for preservice

Must validate the importance of these standards. Consensus between pre-service teachers and regular schools. Disconnect between what's being promoted. Field experience is important for preparing teachers. It takes a village to prepare a good teacher.

There is a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of the computer and the Internet

What are some practical strategies to integrating these new standards?

For example: Copyright--never use software that CAN be stolen (plug for the open source community). Creative Commons

Partnership for 21st Century Schools

http://www.21stcenturyskills.org/route21/ Lesson plans and activities for teachers, so they can see what these things look like.

Discussion is turning into a discussion about how to integrate, model, force, coerce, convice, assess, and market the standards.

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1:1 Laptops and Seamless Integration--NECC 2008


Howard Levin
Director of Technology for Urban School in San Francisco

Head of school who supports 1:1--#1 factor in success of 1:1 program--
My principal understands the need, but I don't know how much yet and to what length he'd be willing to go to get there? Everyone Captures-Begin to see devices in the future, not as they are now (Check out the movie "Born Into Brothels")

Seamless=making the technology disappear

Communication (Collaboration via communication)-laptops actually encourage communication, not move away from it. Foreign language dept. loves it Sending audio files back and forth from students to teachers. Nature of homework is changing, not just text. Nature of teacher prep and student prep is changing. Cross grade level dialogue. We are starting email accounts for 5-8 grades, need to address the fear of communication with peers, and teacher and peers. Use of SMARTBoards w/ 1:1--archiving of notes with student ability to access Great for study notes. Use of discussion boards to increase communication, peer editting, etc.. Commenting

Organization-No more losing information (linear organization may not be necessary?) Student videos about how laptops help organize their life. Using Inspiration for non-linear concept mapping (ultimate note-taking tool for visual learners)

Information-Using the laptop to collect informatoin using sensors for science. Teacher can capture screen casts for students (recouping class time because you no longer need to take classtime to continually explain stuff

Production-Re-thinking assessment (end product--no longer traditional test) Teaching opportunities for students. Text to voice capabilities (especially for those students with disabilities or motor development issues). Producation as evaluation

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