1:1 Laptops and Seamless Integration--NECC 2008


Howard Levin
Director of Technology for Urban School in San Francisco

Head of school who supports 1:1--#1 factor in success of 1:1 program--
My principal understands the need, but I don't know how much yet and to what length he'd be willing to go to get there? Everyone Captures-Begin to see devices in the future, not as they are now (Check out the movie "Born Into Brothels")

Seamless=making the technology disappear

Communication (Collaboration via communication)-laptops actually encourage communication, not move away from it. Foreign language dept. loves it Sending audio files back and forth from students to teachers. Nature of homework is changing, not just text. Nature of teacher prep and student prep is changing. Cross grade level dialogue. We are starting email accounts for 5-8 grades, need to address the fear of communication with peers, and teacher and peers. Use of SMARTBoards w/ 1:1--archiving of notes with student ability to access Great for study notes. Use of discussion boards to increase communication, peer editting, etc.. Commenting

Organization-No more losing information (linear organization may not be necessary?) Student videos about how laptops help organize their life. Using Inspiration for non-linear concept mapping (ultimate note-taking tool for visual learners)

Information-Using the laptop to collect informatoin using sensors for science. Teacher can capture screen casts for students (recouping class time because you no longer need to take classtime to continually explain stuff

Production-Re-thinking assessment (end product--no longer traditional test) Teaching opportunities for students. Text to voice capabilities (especially for those students with disabilities or motor development issues). Producation as evaluation

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