After a little "beginning of the year break" from blogging, it's time to get back in.

The break wasn't really on purpose, it was more of a have to. Starting in a new school, moving into a new home, and generally turning one's life upside down, tends not to be condusive for carving out blogging opportunities.

There is so much to write about. My next several blog entries will chronicle some of the great things that are happening with technology in my particular school as well as one specific challenge....curriculum! :-)

Reason #143 to Start Using a Wiki with Students

This is an article that was originally linked from a Wil Richardson Blog. It's an MSNBC article about Wikis. Check it out Power in Numbers

I won't elaborate much more on the topic, other than to point you to the article and say, I'm excited for this school year to be starting and excited about getting to use some of these technologies with new students!

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A Cog in the Wheel

Being part of a large Lutheran school is very much a culture shock. Going from making almost all technology decisions to being only one small part of the technology equation is very much a change. This is going to really help focus my energy on the kids and teachers! I'm so tempted to spend time helping trouble shoot desktop icons that aren't targeted to right folder, that I my time could be used better setting up my room or working on my new tech curriculum.

BY THE WAY--if anyone has great links on cyberbullying, please let me know. I have a quite a bit of stuff already, but there is way more stuff that I have time, so any recommendations would be helpful!

It is a joy to hear teachers talk about the technology in their classrooms:
"Oh, I'm not very computer literate," "I don't really use that thing very much, so don't worry about getting it hooked up immediately," or my all-time favorite..."You're going to show me how to use this thing, right!"

These are the joys of an instructional technology coordinator. I can't wait to start tackling some of their issues. But the biggest issue our staff will face in terms of technology...and I'm sure your staffs as coming to grips with the statement: We need to be preparing kids for THEIR future, and not OUR past!

I'm thinking about putting that on a poster in all the teacher workrooms? What do you think?

Too Many Unfinished Blogs

I've often been accused of having ADHD! Almost positive that if I was 12 yrs. old that I would have been referred, tested, and phsycho-analyzed by now. I think fast, talk fast, and want everyone to know all of thoughts, all the time!

That being said, I have about a dozen blogs that are started in draft form, but haven't been published. That word "published" is my sticky-wicket. Publishing to me means I have ALL my thoughts down, in order, spelling checked, grammar checked, and re-read four times for coherency. Suffice it to say, those dozen blogs are not ready for "publishing." Would it be OK to publish them anyway? Would the posts lose their intended purpose if they aren't polished? Is there a place in this world for unpolished writing? Is a blog that place? Just thinking out loud!

I would prefer to podcast because those who know me, know that I like to talk :-)

Anyway, my summer ends tomorrow. We have faculty meetings starting at 8:00am. Most of the summer I've forced myself to get up by 6:00am so there isn't so much a shock to the "system" once the school year routine kicks in. Surely some of you understand what I'm talking about.

I'm now the 7th grade homeroom and Instructional Technology Coordinator at St. John Lutheran School in Ellisville. Talk about a culture change. Our full-staff meetings at Immanuel used to be about 20 people. St. John meetings reach up to 85!! What joy it will be to share in the ministry of education with 30 school faculty members and another 50 or so church staff!

I will miss the quality time with my own girls though. Not moving at light speed to get them out of bed, no lunch time nap stories, and playing dress up with Rachel's new shoes----Don't worry, they never did fit me :-) I'll have new kids. Sharing the Good News with them will be equally sweet!

I'm planning on having our 7th grade religion classes blog using classblogmeister. Don't necessarily need another class to follow exactly with us, but maybe some students who check in every once and a while to comment and share know, show the real power of comments and writing for an audience that is actually out there.

For those Lutheran educators out there, what do you think of the technology leadership tab on the Lutheran School Portal? What would you like to see on there? I'm in charge of the content and have not updated for a while. What would be the most beneficial for you?

God's Richest Blessings on the opening of your schools year....or if your in the Southern Hemisphere...the end of the first term of your 2007-2008 school year! :-)

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