A Cog in the Wheel

Being part of a large Lutheran school is very much a culture shock. Going from making almost all technology decisions to being only one small part of the technology equation is very much a change. This is going to really help focus my energy on the kids and teachers! I'm so tempted to spend time helping trouble shoot desktop icons that aren't targeted to right folder, that I my time could be used better setting up my room or working on my new tech curriculum.

BY THE WAY--if anyone has great links on cyberbullying, please let me know. I have a quite a bit of stuff already, but there is way more stuff that I have time, so any recommendations would be helpful!

It is a joy to hear teachers talk about the technology in their classrooms:
"Oh, I'm not very computer literate," "I don't really use that thing very much, so don't worry about getting it hooked up immediately," or my all-time favorite..."You're going to show me how to use this thing, right!"

These are the joys of an instructional technology coordinator. I can't wait to start tackling some of their issues. But the biggest issue our staff will face in terms of technology...and I'm sure your staffs as well...is coming to grips with the statement: We need to be preparing kids for THEIR future, and not OUR past!

I'm thinking about putting that on a poster in all the teacher workrooms? What do you think?

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