Hero Machine

One of the mindless sites that students spend time one.....Ok, I had some fun too?
Could you as a teacher dare use something like this in the religion classroom???
Hero Machine


Gabcast--Testing to see if it works

Below is the fruit of a new experiment called Gabcast. I recorded the followin mp3 from my cell phone and will then post it. I'm slowly realizing that I'm too much of a typing perfectionist to make this worth my while. Maybe audio is the way for me to go!!! Let's see if it works!

Gabcast! Technology In the Lutheran Classroom #1

MO District Educator's Conference--wrap up

The MO District Teacher's Conference has now past and we are all back to our respective schools...well, not me yet! My youngest daughter has a fever and can't go to the baby-sitters today. One more day of vacation...sort of :-)

I am hoping to get Mike Kratzer's sectional about ethics and school technology issues up as a podcast this week. I need to get the WMA file from my friend Josh though.

After my sectional on Web 2.0 resources, I realized that a decision is going to have to be made:
Do Lutheran School teachers wait for secure, safe, and free sites to be created, or do we cautiously navigate the world of Flickr, Frappr, etc? Should teachers use Flickr despite a student's easy access to inappropriate material? Is it enough to teach students the dangers or do we isolate them??

What do you think??

MO District Educator's Conference--Frappr Map

If you attended the Missouri District Lutheran Educator's Conference, go ahead and place yourself on the map!! It's great to see where you all are from.

Thanks for coming to the conference. We pray that you were able to walk away with some neat ideas and imagination "sparkers."

Missouri District Educator's Conference

Here we are down at the Lodge of the Four Seasons at Lake of the Ozarks, MO. I've learned many things today:
1. God keeps humble through the use of technology!
2. The internet is a way to tell the story!
3. Don't forget to laugh!

During our opening banquet, I showed the video I had been working on for several days now. I agreed to put together the presentation for anniversarians and retirees and thought that this would give me a good opportunity to try out our new copy of Ulead 8. Well, 15 hours later and several late nights, it was finally done. No worse for the wear...even learning more about PhotoShop than I ever wanted to...all 13 minutes of the video played flawlessly!! I was so excited I ran to share the joy with my faculty sitting at another table! The video played a second time (it was to run two times) and after gloating to them about seeing how it worked the first time (Things tend not to)I looked to find an error message on the screen. Thankfully everyone was busy eating, since they saw it the first time! It's times like that I think God may have actually had a hand in my humbling!

Our banquet speaker was the extremely funny, Rich Bimmler (there may be an 'h' in there somewhere?) and one thing he said caught my attention. In our Wellness theme this year, he used the word WELLNESS to describe key points about wellness and one of the S's was "story." It struck me again about how much on-line applications can be used to tell the story. For example, check out on of my student's flickr pictures. Parable of the Breyer Horses (take off of the parable of the sower) Not overtly Gospel, but a good beginning :-)

Laughter is a great de-stressor! Rich brought some much needed joy into my heart tonight with his funny stories and the reminder of how much joy we have in knowing what God has done for us in Christ Jesus! God gives us the gift of wellness. Joy is the true sign of wellness, and may God grant that to us all!

Tomorrow the sectionals start and I can't wait to hear Mike Kratzer from Lutheran North in St. Louis talk about ethics issues with online stuff! God willing, we'll have a podcast of his sectional!!!

That way all of you can "hitch-hike" to our conference as well!

We're Back......!!!

The Missouri District Educators Conference is coming up this weekend and we're going to "geek it out!"

By the first week of December, I should have podcasts of several technology sectionals and maybe a keynote speaker?? We'll see!

There has been so much going on at home, church, and school that I'm having a hard time keeping up! So hopefully this conference will give me a little spark to get back into it!

Stay tuned!!