Photoshopping Reality Article

Jamie McKenzie has an decent article this months From Now On online publication. The article is called Photo shopping Reality: Journalistic Ethics
in an Age of Virtual Truth
Once you get past his obvious political bias, he has some GREAT points about literacy.

Yet another call for the teaching of media/information literacy. That seems to be the common theme echoed in most ED Tech publications I either subscribe to or stumble upon. Riddle me this Batman....if we only have so much time in a school day to provide learning experiences for students, then what do we leave out in order to provide learning experiences centered around media and information literacy skills??
I think there are some! Anyone still teach how to use a card catalog?? This is very, very serious question that needs to be addressed and I hope we have some brave Lutheran Educators out there willing enough to take on the "ghosts of teaching past."

Why is all this media literacy stuff important? Check out Epic 2015 and see if you still have the same question! It's about eight minute video put together by the Museum of Media History. Click on the 2015 video.

Interesting huh?!

Social Networking Article--Wikis

Podcast--Episode 3

I got a new digital voice recorder for my birthday. So what do you do with it??? You make a podcast!!! :-)

I did no post editing to this at all, so it sounds a bit rough! Also, I was mistaken about Dave Blacks 8th Grade Wiki page. Here is the correct address for the page SOTH 8th Grade Wiki

Here is the link to the ISTE Learning & Leading Article about Social Networking. It's two pages that in the magazine that were side by side instead of one top of another, so the point counter point is divided by top and bottom. So the tops of both pages got together and then the bottoms.

Let me know what you think!


Hero Machine

One of the mindless sites that students spend time one.....Ok, I had some fun too?
Could you as a teacher dare use something like this in the religion classroom???
Hero Machine


Gabcast--Testing to see if it works

Below is the fruit of a new experiment called Gabcast. I recorded the followin mp3 from my cell phone and will then post it. I'm slowly realizing that I'm too much of a typing perfectionist to make this worth my while. Maybe audio is the way for me to go!!! Let's see if it works!

Gabcast! Technology In the Lutheran Classroom #1

MO District Educator's Conference--wrap up

The MO District Teacher's Conference has now past and we are all back to our respective schools...well, not me yet! My youngest daughter has a fever and can't go to the baby-sitters today. One more day of vacation...sort of :-)

I am hoping to get Mike Kratzer's sectional about ethics and school technology issues up as a podcast this week. I need to get the WMA file from my friend Josh though.

After my sectional on Web 2.0 resources, I realized that a decision is going to have to be made:
Do Lutheran School teachers wait for secure, safe, and free sites to be created, or do we cautiously navigate the world of Flickr, Frappr, etc? Should teachers use Flickr despite a student's easy access to inappropriate material? Is it enough to teach students the dangers or do we isolate them??

What do you think??

MO District Educator's Conference--Frappr Map

If you attended the Missouri District Lutheran Educator's Conference, go ahead and place yourself on the map!! It's great to see where you all are from.

Thanks for coming to the conference. We pray that you were able to walk away with some neat ideas and imagination "sparkers."

Missouri District Educator's Conference

Here we are down at the Lodge of the Four Seasons at Lake of the Ozarks, MO. I've learned many things today:
1. God keeps humble through the use of technology!
2. The internet is a way to tell the story!
3. Don't forget to laugh!

During our opening banquet, I showed the video I had been working on for several days now. I agreed to put together the presentation for anniversarians and retirees and thought that this would give me a good opportunity to try out our new copy of Ulead 8. Well, 15 hours later and several late nights, it was finally done. No worse for the wear...even learning more about PhotoShop than I ever wanted to...all 13 minutes of the video played flawlessly!! I was so excited I ran to share the joy with my faculty sitting at another table! The video played a second time (it was to run two times) and after gloating to them about seeing how it worked the first time (Things tend not to)I looked to find an error message on the screen. Thankfully everyone was busy eating, since they saw it the first time! It's times like that I think God may have actually had a hand in my humbling!

Our banquet speaker was the extremely funny, Rich Bimmler (there may be an 'h' in there somewhere?) and one thing he said caught my attention. In our Wellness theme this year, he used the word WELLNESS to describe key points about wellness and one of the S's was "story." It struck me again about how much on-line applications can be used to tell the story. For example, check out on of my student's flickr pictures. Parable of the Breyer Horses (take off of the parable of the sower) Not overtly Gospel, but a good beginning :-)

Laughter is a great de-stressor! Rich brought some much needed joy into my heart tonight with his funny stories and the reminder of how much joy we have in knowing what God has done for us in Christ Jesus! God gives us the gift of wellness. Joy is the true sign of wellness, and may God grant that to us all!

Tomorrow the sectionals start and I can't wait to hear Mike Kratzer from Lutheran North in St. Louis talk about ethics issues with online stuff! God willing, we'll have a podcast of his sectional!!!

That way all of you can "hitch-hike" to our conference as well!

We're Back......!!!

The Missouri District Educators Conference is coming up this weekend and we're going to "geek it out!"

By the first week of December, I should have podcasts of several technology sectionals and maybe a keynote speaker?? We'll see!

There has been so much going on at home, church, and school that I'm having a hard time keeping up! So hopefully this conference will give me a little spark to get back into it!

Stay tuned!!

So What do you call....?

What do you call a blogger who thinks he has no time to blog? I guess you'd call him me! Many teachers have things they want to work on each year...some call it turning over a "new leaf." I do believe this year, I'm turning over a whole tree!

My 8th graders are in the midst a grand online experiment. I've officially Web 2.0-ed my class. We are blogging, emailing, social bookmarking, chatting, and "wiki-ing." The pieces we are focusing on the most are the impact of email, chat, and wikis.

So here is how I think we'll do this blog: I love to podcast! Unfortunately, I don't want to throw some sloppy sounding podcast together, so I'll probably wait til the holidays to podcast. I'm also still wanting others to produce podcasts for the site, and the offer still stands. Finally, I'll use the blog as a journal for my class experiment. So, if you are interested in using wikis at school or other web resources, add TECHILC to your aggergator and we'll do the best we can to keep everyone up-to-date.

Please be sure to leave a comment if you are using online resources. I'd love to put a blog up detailing your progress.

Below is a list of our "little experiments."

Blessings on your school year!!


Class Blogmeister

8th Grade Delicious site

Mr. Jacklin's Wikis

Or is it something else?

As I write this from my brother-in-laws home in Milwaukee, I'm keenly aware of the power of the Internet. I can be somewhere completely different and still have access too all of my stuff! On the seven hour drive up here from St. Louis, I finally had time to catch up on all of my podcasts. One statement in particular made by Cheryl Oakes from the Bob Sprankle, "Bit by Bit" podcast really struck me. She was talking about using read/write resources in the classroom she said something to the effect of: It's not so much about the technology, as it is about the collaboration that happens with the technology.

I couldn't have put it better myself. What makes the Internet, blogging, podcasting, wikis, and tons of the other online apps. Effective, is the way they bring students together to work with one another and share ideas. I personally as a teacher tend to have a real top-down approach to content in my classroom, but read/write resources make learning take place on a horizontal plane as opposed to the vertical, hierarchical approach. I often find myself being the "Sage on the Stage" more than the "Guide on the Side." Read/Write web resources empower students to not only learn from me, but also from others. In most cases, the learning done from others is more effective than from me!

I'll presenting at the Missouri District Educators Conference in November on Web 2.0 resources and why we should use them in the classroom. If you have any success stories, you would like me to share, please add them as comments to this blog. I know Dave Black mentioned in his Lutheran Tech blog about using Wikipedia with a class. All comments are welcome.

How have you been using blogs, podcasts, wikis, online forums, or chat in your classroom! We are listening and want to acknowledge the great work that you do!!

We might actually have another podcast coming out soon! I recorded one at my house, but can't get the template which I have on the school server to my house, or vice versa. The files are too big! I could just upload them from home, but I still have a dialup connection at home and that would take forever!! So hopefully, we'll get one recorded and up soon!

If you have something you would like to podcast about, let me know. I'm not the only one who will podcast or blog from this site. Get in contact with me, and I'd love to have you be a contributing author to TECHILC!!

Have a great 4th of July holiday!!

In His Service,


Online Collaborative Community!

I'm on a mission....No, not a mission from God.....but I'm on a mission to connect my school with other Lutheran schools across the country in an online community. Would you like to be a part?

I've spoken with the folks from and they would be able to create a group or "district" of Lutheran schools. What does this mean for you? provides FILTERED student email, online digital storage, Teacher monitored live chat, student blogs, and multiple teacher, student, and group forums, and more. offers a free version of everything I mentioned above but it is riddled with advertisements. The subscription version is $4.25 per student an has NO ads for students to look at it.

If you would be interested, please comment to this blog with contact information.

Social Networking!!

I'm sure you have all heard the news about how children are being victimized by adults using social networking sites like MySpace or how young adults are shamelessly sharing personal information for the whole world to see (Colleges are starting to look at the sites for admissions purposes). I decided to see what the hub-bub was about and get my own MySpace account. What an interesting experience!!

After only have an account for three weeks, I decided to be bold enough to add my high school graduation information. To my surprise, I was automatically added to a group of fellow alumni and was even reunited with several friends I'd lost contact with. I LOVE THE INTERNET!

Are there inherant dangers with these social networking sites? Absolutely yes! But should they be banned?

A new piece of legislation(5/9/06) has been introduced in Congress to block all social networking sites from any school or library who recieves universal support services from the Federal government (E-rate money). Washington Times Article. Actual Legislation from THOMAS at Library of Congress. Now to be fair, the legislation would create an oversite committee to determine what gets blocked and what doesn't.

Believe it or not, this just might affect some Lutheran schools. There are quite a few schools in the St. Louis area that this would apply to.

Should you write your congressman??? Is it your job as a coordiantor in a Lutheran school to determine what gets blocked and what doesn't? Or is that the governments job?

Just a thought

Rob Jacklin

I Have A Goal!

And my goal is to get another podcast done before the end of the year! :-) This is my first year teaching the 8th Grade and I seem to be getting caught up in all the hoopla that goes with it. Unfortunately, time has been my enemy. There is definitly no shortage of topics to podcast about! So for now it is a matter of time. Hang in there and one will come soon!

Thanks for your patients!


PODCAST-Episode 2 "Spring Break Hodge-Podge"

Here is the latest podcast. Let me know if you knew about most of these things already and want more detail. Eventually, I'd like this blog to introduce new ideas and concepts, but if they are not new, then what's the point?
Feedback is always good!

Episode 2--Spring Break Hodge-Podge

Here are the links I referred to during the podcast:

**Google Earth
** An site dedicated to the propogation of open-source software.
**Lutheran School Portal
**Miguel Guhlin's podcast on Gimp
**Wes Fryers podcast on Google Earth It is Episode 51--Discovering Google Earth.


He is Risen Indeed!!

Have a great week!

Where have you been?

What's it been...two weeks since the last post?? At least if feels that long. Tomorrow is our last day of school till Easter break (Good Friday-April 21) and the kids are a bit insane. I only have to make it one more day and then I'll have time to put some thought into a good podcast.

I promised myself I would try not to throw up a ton of personal stuff on the blog, so I'll wait until I can get some good professional thoughts together. Maybe by next week Wednesday?

Over Easter Break I'll be reading "The World is Flat" by Thomas Friedman. Dave Warlick mentioned that this book has been referenced in just about every conference sectional he has been at this year. So I'll check that out and see what new and exciting things he has to say.

Disappointment in Lutheran Teaching

What a bummer of an evening. I just found out that a local congregation I'd interviewed with can't afford a full-time technology coordinator...bummer. For the past 8 years, I've been doing double duty as a full-time classroom teacher AND full-time technology coordinator, never really being able to devote my full attention to one or the other. There was light at the end of my tunnel.

Now is one of those times when it's easy to feel sorry for yourself...No, really...It's not that hard at all!

Quick survey: How many Lutheran Schools in America can afford a full-time technology coordinator on staff???? To my knowledge, in the St. Louis area at least, only a handful. Now of those schools who can't afford to hire a full time instructional technology coordinator, do they really not have one because they can't afford it OR because they don't realize they NEED one???

I believe, that some of the most creative and dedicated teachers are in our Lutheran Schools. Imagine what their teaching would be like if we could get them the resources they needed? What if America's Lutheran schools had access to Internet 2 and could video conference with a German historian during the week of reformation with almost no interruption in bandwidth? (really, how much bandwith is the "real world" sucking up with streaming video and audio on a daily basis anyway??? Buffer what? :-) What if that same teacher was working collaboratively with another school to create a wiki about American Revolutionary battles? So what's stopping us?

I promised myself I would never let this blog fall prey to the old adage "Well, we'd like to do it, but we can't really afford it." I only say that now, because I've fallen victim to it.

Don't get me wrong, it is no one persons fault. It's just the way it is. As Dave Warlick put it in one of his podcasts from FETC in Florida: Isn't it sad that we have to beg for money (writing grants, fund-raising, matching gifts, etc.) to provide good learning tools for our students?

Money--love it...hate it...don't really care? It's what drives technology use in Lutheran education.

Or does it?

PODCAST--Episode 1--A Call to Arms/"Technology Evangelists"

What professional conferences do you have access to? How do you implement faculty development in your schools? These and some other thoughts are discussed.
Episode 1--A Call to Arms/"Technology Evangelists"

I'm really starting to learn a lot about podcasting, even after my second one.

#1--Use a good microphone-It works wonders!
#2--Have good notes to work from-I'm a "winger" and that doesn't always work the best.
#3--Lip smacking and use of the words "uh" or "um" are really annoying in a podcast!

Comments are always welcome!


Podcasting on TILC??

Here we go, our first attempt at podcasting from the blogger. I'm told that blogger isn't the best way to podcast, but it's what we've got, so we'll give it a shot!

Technology In the Lutheran Classroom Test Podcast

Welcome to TILC!


This is our first blog for "Techies" in our countries Lutheran far as I know. If there are other blogs out there I need to know so I can be reading them :-)

Whether you are a technology coordinator or a classroom teacher who is in charge of your school's tech program, you probably don't have time to keep up with all the happenings in Ed tech. We hope these blogs and future podcasts will be a "one-stop-shop" for you. At this time it's just me running the site, but with a little coercion, contributions will be made by more folks!
So sit back, get your RSS feeder going, and let us help you stay up to date on the latest and the greatest!