MO District Educator's Conference--wrap up

The MO District Teacher's Conference has now past and we are all back to our respective schools...well, not me yet! My youngest daughter has a fever and can't go to the baby-sitters today. One more day of vacation...sort of :-)

I am hoping to get Mike Kratzer's sectional about ethics and school technology issues up as a podcast this week. I need to get the WMA file from my friend Josh though.

After my sectional on Web 2.0 resources, I realized that a decision is going to have to be made:
Do Lutheran School teachers wait for secure, safe, and free sites to be created, or do we cautiously navigate the world of Flickr, Frappr, etc? Should teachers use Flickr despite a student's easy access to inappropriate material? Is it enough to teach students the dangers or do we isolate them??

What do you think??
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