So What do you call....?

What do you call a blogger who thinks he has no time to blog? I guess you'd call him me! Many teachers have things they want to work on each year...some call it turning over a "new leaf." I do believe this year, I'm turning over a whole tree!

My 8th graders are in the midst a grand online experiment. I've officially Web 2.0-ed my class. We are blogging, emailing, social bookmarking, chatting, and "wiki-ing." The pieces we are focusing on the most are the impact of email, chat, and wikis.

So here is how I think we'll do this blog: I love to podcast! Unfortunately, I don't want to throw some sloppy sounding podcast together, so I'll probably wait til the holidays to podcast. I'm also still wanting others to produce podcasts for the site, and the offer still stands. Finally, I'll use the blog as a journal for my class experiment. So, if you are interested in using wikis at school or other web resources, add TECHILC to your aggergator and we'll do the best we can to keep everyone up-to-date.

Please be sure to leave a comment if you are using online resources. I'd love to put a blog up detailing your progress.

Below is a list of our "little experiments."

Blessings on your school year!!


Class Blogmeister

8th Grade Delicious site

Mr. Jacklin's Wikis