"Hand it In" to "Publish it": Re-envisioning our Classrooms--NECC 2007

This sectional at NECC was led by Will Richardson. This was my first time listening to one of his presentationals and I was very impressed! Of all the people I haven't been reading for the past two years, it was Will.

What I thought was so thought provoking about his presentation was how he kept pointing us to a larger picture. Especially in Luthern schools, we get caught up in the details (which are important, but...) that we forget the larger picture of who we are teaching. I don't know where I heard this phrase, but it was echoed several times by Will: "Are you preparing students for your past, or for their future?" It's cool to hear him talk about his own kids and how they are growing up in the 21st century. But more important than the tools is the teacher's ability to reach kids where they are at. Students engage, collaborate, create, and they do that within the context of the technology.

Give it a listen. The statistics are rather mind blowing.

Here is the link for the session wiki

To listen to the sectional podcast: Wes Fryer--Speed of Creativity

Skype notes from a group during the presentation

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Just Crazy!

NECC will end for me this afternoon and I've seen some pretty wonderful things and have heard even more! I typed a blog entry for just about every sectional I've been to. Seeing as how they are notes, many of the them might be rather incoherent to the average reader, so when I get home I'll sit down and fill in some of the pieces. That will give me a chance to revisit the sectionals and finally start to process some of what I've learned.

My goal was to blog everyday about something, and I did generate quite a few blogs per day, but nothing that was ready to be published for consumption. I also have about four podcasts of sectionals that I'll be able to release.

More to come!!

If you weren't able to get down to NECC yourself, please plan to join us next year in San Antonio, TX

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NETS Refresh

This morning ISTE "officially" released the new, refreshed NETS standards. As Don Knezek, ISTE CEO suggested, these standards are new guides as we teach students to learn, not just learn to use technology tools. For those of you who have not seen the order and titles of the standards here they are:

  • Creativity & Innovation

  • Communication & Collaboration

  • Research & Information Fluency

  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, & Decision Making

  • Digital Citizenship

  • Technology Operations & Concepts

  • So for the meeting has been a big thank you sectional for those involved with completing the new refresh.

    The challenge for Lutheran Schools in the future will be adapting these new standards to help provide leadership for technology and learning development in our schools.

    Don't forget to chant, sing, memorize and recite the technology education montra:
    "It's not about the technology, it's about the Learning!"

    As we put together beginning of the year in-service and sectionals for professional development, may that be our goal as we facilitate professional development and have conversations with our colleagues!

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    I made it!

    Well, I made it down to ATL and am no worse for the wear. Actually, I had a wonderful conversation the entire hour flight from STL with Victor who's is a manufacturing consultant. We talked about everything from business to religion. The religion conversation was the most interesting.

    Victor works 8 months out the year and the other four he lives in Thailand. That's right, Thailand. While working for as a contractor for Emerson Electric, he fell in love and stayed. It was fascinating to talk about life and especially FOOD! The word is....eat a lot of hot peppers before you go to help "ease the burn" before you get there :-)

    Surprisingly, he grew in the Oak Park/River Forest area where I went to college. He came from a strong Lutheran/Catholic background and was fascinated with Buddhism. AND THERE BEGAN THE INTERESTING CONVERSATIONS :-)

    I won't go into detail or bore you with specifics, but it was a blessing to once again share the gospel message with someone. You know how we all go through a "spiritual funk" sometimes...well, I think that conversation may have helped me a little more than it helped him.

    It is conversations like that (not necessarily about religion)that I'm hoping to have with others while I'm hear. Conversations that involve revelation, deep thought, and that ever fantastic, "Aha!"

    I'm off to my first event. It's a Special interest group meeting for technology coordinators about Internet safety. Looks to be promising! I'll keep you posted.

    More to come later about how you can participate in NECC even if your not here! Never fear Lisa :-)

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    NECC--Atlanta, GA

    This weekend, after much searching for "Cheap" hotel prices, I'll get to go down to the National Education Computing Conference in Atlanta, GA.

    For those of you who won't be able to go, I'll try my best to be an "on-site" reporter for you. More than likely blog posts from NECC will revolve around sectionls that were attended or from conversations with colleagues. My goal is to even throw in a podcast (Haven't done one of those in a while)! Maybe I can get an interview with Wes Fryer or the like! :-)

    I'll also try to link you to those presentations that will be VOD or PodCast.

    Have you started to make plans to "attend" the 2007 K12 Online Conference, yet? Something we should all plan to do.

    Blessings on your summer vacations and look for more posts from NECC!!

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    Had a wonderful conversation at the end of last week with Dave Black about technology, professional development, and professional learning communities in Lutheran Schools (We didn't talk DIRECTLY about those, but that was the logical conclusion of our conversation).

    I'm also in the process of listening to a Wes Fryer podcast of a presentation he gave to some Oklahoma educators about emerging technologies and how teachers can join the global conversation and create their own virtual learning communities.

    That got me thinking....How can LCMS schools create PLE (Professional Learning Environments) which utilize a plethora of online tools? If you are a reader of this blog and have some ideas...please comment and share. I definitely don't have all the answers, but together we can come up with some good starting points.

    Here's at least one way I know we can! Check out this video from the Digital Ethnology project from Kansas State University. Maybe this is the best way to get teachers involved with "teaching conversations!"

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