I made it!

Well, I made it down to ATL and am no worse for the wear. Actually, I had a wonderful conversation the entire hour flight from STL with Victor who's is a manufacturing consultant. We talked about everything from business to religion. The religion conversation was the most interesting.

Victor works 8 months out the year and the other four he lives in Thailand. That's right, Thailand. While working for as a contractor for Emerson Electric, he fell in love and stayed. It was fascinating to talk about life and especially FOOD! The word is....eat a lot of hot peppers before you go to help "ease the burn" before you get there :-)

Surprisingly, he grew in the Oak Park/River Forest area where I went to college. He came from a strong Lutheran/Catholic background and was fascinated with Buddhism. AND THERE BEGAN THE INTERESTING CONVERSATIONS :-)

I won't go into detail or bore you with specifics, but it was a blessing to once again share the gospel message with someone. You know how we all go through a "spiritual funk" sometimes...well, I think that conversation may have helped me a little more than it helped him.

It is conversations like that (not necessarily about religion)that I'm hoping to have with others while I'm hear. Conversations that involve revelation, deep thought, and that ever fantastic, "Aha!"

I'm off to my first event. It's a Special interest group meeting for technology coordinators about Internet safety. Looks to be promising! I'll keep you posted.

More to come later about how you can participate in NECC even if your not here! Never fear Lisa :-)

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