Almost ready for the New Year...

If you are a reader of this blog...which is quite a funny statement within itself, because there hasn't been much to read this past year...then you know how much I've struggled with making the time to write. One of my reasons/excuses is my perceived lack of writing ability (there are consistently warrants out for my arrest from the "grammar police"). The other is my own selfishness with regards to wanting to write something engaging, relevant, or new. Frankly, these days, I have not been learning a whole lot of anything new to share. With the addition my role as an LMS admin, school accreditation, and now teaching 5th grade mathematics, there has not been as much professional development and implementation time as I'd like. Thinking about learning has been relegated to passing conversations with colleagues and even more infrequent tweets. Besides, how many more articles need to be written about the SAMR model or blended learning?

But then again, maybe writing about my "non-new" experiences and sharing some of my own personal struggles and successes through learning processes is exactly what someone else might actually like to read?

As much as I'd like to have "grammatically squeaky clean" articles, maybe this blog needs to be more about process? Could I live with being a writing "hack."  I do have close to 24 blogs that have yet to see the light of day because they need editing. Maybe now is the time to just say the heck with it and post them? Maybe they would spark a conversation waiting to be had? Isn't that really what reflecting and blogging is about anyway? If not having a conversation with an audience, then at least taking the time to think through ideas with myself?
Flickr Image by Emilio Quintana (CC BY-NC-SA)

I'm not "resolving" to do anything! I'm not a fan of the whole New Year's resolution thing, but I am committing to be more thoughtful practitioner this new year with regards to the sharing of my teaching practice.

Some of my posts may be short, but at least I have set my sights to sharing! Isn't that what good teachers do anyway?

God's richest blessings to you and your student's in the coming year. Bring on 2015 and all the experiences that it will bring!