Photoshopping Reality Article

Jamie McKenzie has an decent article this months From Now On online publication. The article is called Photo shopping Reality: Journalistic Ethics
in an Age of Virtual Truth
Once you get past his obvious political bias, he has some GREAT points about literacy.

Yet another call for the teaching of media/information literacy. That seems to be the common theme echoed in most ED Tech publications I either subscribe to or stumble upon. Riddle me this Batman....if we only have so much time in a school day to provide learning experiences for students, then what do we leave out in order to provide learning experiences centered around media and information literacy skills??
I think there are some! Anyone still teach how to use a card catalog?? This is very, very serious question that needs to be addressed and I hope we have some brave Lutheran Educators out there willing enough to take on the "ghosts of teaching past."

Why is all this media literacy stuff important? Check out Epic 2015 and see if you still have the same question! It's about eight minute video put together by the Museum of Media History. Click on the 2015 video.

Interesting huh?!
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