Our latest ice storm in the St. Louis area pretty much turned our weekend upside down. At the writing of this post, there are still people in our surrounding area without power. Ahhh... electricity.

Who would have thought that tiny electrons flowing through some copper wire could bring so much joy? Heat, hot water, and of course the soft glow of a computer screen. Suprisingly enough, I wasn't lost at all over the weekend when we lost power. A well deserved "rest was had by my trusty compadre "Mr. Computer." It was interesting however to listen to comments made Tuesday during lunch. Our Special Ed. consultant talked about wanting to run to her computer and check for the latest radar images to track the progress of the storm, only to remember she had no electricity. What a sign of the times.

It is almost mind boggling how much we have come to depend on our tools. Do you think our students depend on them to??

Have you ever considered how fragile the technical world really is? When our PTL was putting in new playground equipment, they accidentally sliced into our phone line. No phone and NO INTERNET ACCESS...Noooo...say it ain't so!!
Just think of the world we experience on a daily basis over 15 wires. Your world, through 15 wires. What a sobering thought. The funny thing is, I'm almost OK with that. How about you??
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