5E Lesson Model in MOODLE

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5E Lesson Model in MOODLE--sectional is like a movie trailer just a short introduction to get you coming back for more
Charles McCall and Charles Ackerman

Presentation is a model classroom lesson on tariffs. Walk through how the 5E lesson is put together and flows using Moodle.

Typically there are key learning points about a topic, but this is more of a show and tell (or show and do for some of us IN the model classroom).

There seem to be SO many modules for Moodle, that it almost makes you head spin!

Discussion tips: Only allow 2 posts in direct discussion posts (students are required to post an opinion), that way the discussion doesn't digress into a "Hey, what are you having for dinner?" kind of stuff.

Moodle Quizes--Students LOVE the immediate feedback. Said that students hate doing things on paper. The don't complain about the writing or it's "cooler" than paper, but they like the immediate feedback.

Emphasis on mixed presentation--both lab-based(in class) instruction/interaction and web-based(online class) instruction/interaction. Research based on ISTE study (can't find reference to research.

Good ideas in terms of how to create a lesson using the 5E model with Moodle.

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