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Summer is a wonderful time. I am so used to working 12 months a year (being required to anyway) that a two month summer "vacation" seems weird. Got a call from my new assistant principal today with the some questions and she apologized for calling me on my "summer vacation." Wow, I forgot I was on vacation :-)

Social network mania is underway with the new Technology in Lutheran Schools Ning site. So far we have a total of 14 users and hope the numbers climb as our "vacation" continues!

At NECC this we all came to the realization that our own professional development doesn't happen at workshops or 2-hour in-service sessions. It is on-going, poignant, and just in time.

As an aside, I heard from a podcast--don't remember where--that teaching is on of the only professions where teachers aren't required to know how to use basic productivity soft wares. Look at how many point-click workshops there are in your district conferences and the like. Will there be a day when teachers will get beyond the "how do I make columns in Word?" type questions...but I digress.

Unless you are large Lutheran school, many educators are the only grade level teacher in the building and can feel very isolated when it comes to sharing the profession with a colleague. Social networks can give those teachers the out-reach that they crave and the ear of as many teachers and professionals as possible! A more philosophical approach to this would be a blog entry by Lynne Wolters from the Classroom 2.0 Ning about her experiences in the use of digital cameras with 4-6 year olds. 7 different colleagues have commented on her observations. You can tell that the comments left by the others gave Lynne time to full process her experience.
AND THAT....is exactly why I blog---although it would be great to have more people comment.


Social networks---it's not just teenagers and MySpace anymore! Join one today!

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