Harnessing the Shape of Information

These are some notes that I took during Dave Warlick's sectional Harnessing the Shape of Information.

Information is changing. Not only is it changing, but people are connecting with each other based on the information. The question is, what are schools doing to keep up with the change. You'd think in Lutheran Christian schools that we'd could be more flexible than our public school friends. But is that happening?

Dave's talking about our current classroom situation and that we are creating mirrors in our classrooms.
What we are really doing is asking children to reflect back to us what we give them. In a new landscape of education (School 2.0 if you will), students don't become reflectors, they are information changers. They aren't meerly reflecting information in a two ways (teacher/student--student/teacher), but it is multifaceted with students sharing with each other, and students teaching and sharing with people from outside the classroom. Learning in School 2.0 is about conversation.

The thing we need to be doing is to teach kids to teach themselves. We don't know what our kids world is going to look like, not even five-ten years from now. How can we be sure? Startling statistic, the top ten jobs in america in 2004 didn't even exist ten years earlier!

Lutheran Teachers....Does this effect the way you teach?
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