Wiki Collaboration

This week starts an interesting journey for our 8th graders. We have teamed up with a 7th grade study skills class in Hagerstown, MD to collaborate on some wikis. Mrs. Durff, whom I've gotten to know through her classes blogs at Classblogmeister, asked our class to team with hers to create some ten topical wikis. Topics range in subjects from the synoptic gospels to copyright.

We were able to meet face to face over the Lutheran School Portal's Breeze Server. Thanks so much to Perry and Analisa for helping us get going!!

The meeting went very well. Sloppy and unorganized, but as well as could be expected. Really, what would you expect from a group of 7th and 8th graders!
As the conference was underway I began to remember back to all those instructions I'd learned about how to conduct a video conference on the Internet and came to the realization that neither Mrs. Durff, nor myself taught the kids those skills! Oops! You live and learn, much like teaching in the classroom. Trial by error.

One of the over-arching goals of the collaborative project is to do just that...collaborate. One the 21st Century skills that Dave Black has been blogging about, we are trying to put into practice.

In the next blog, I'll post address for the wikis so you can track the progress yourself!
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