Google Earth Test Video / METC Take-away

After being at METC last week, one of our teachers wanted to give creating flip classroom videos a try. She already has a class blog and is wondering if that is the best place to put the videos.  This post is a test for uploading videos directly to Blogger as a possible solution for posting videos.

I know that uploading directly to her blog is probably NOT the best option, but at this point in the game, we just want to get it up and in a location where it can be seen by students. This is like my scaffold for this staff member! One thing at a time...

The video I'm uploading here was a screencast designed for my sixth grade technology class to answer questions about presenting from Google Earth. I referenced this video as a remediation step for anyone needing an extra reminder about how to save placemarks and execute their "tours."

While I'm waiting for the video to process here in the edit window I thought I'd share a couple of take-aways from METC this year.

1. Global connections for students are important. It's not just a matter of learning ABOUT other cultures and people, but it's actually getting to know them, talk to them, and learn with them that makes a difference.

2. Technology use in the classroom affords us the opportunity to make learning student centered. The devices in your kid's hands free them to identify problems, solve them, and then share that learning with others.

Those are my two biggies. Hopefully I'll carve out some time to share more!

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