#EdCampSTL--My First Unconference

People who know me understand that I tend to over-state matters just a bit. One of my potential over-statements is the idea that the "unconference" is a revolution in teacher professional development. Now the reason I say potential over-statement is because I haven't ACTUALLY attended one!

From what I understand, attending an unconference is an evolutionary learning experience. The connections and relationships formed at these types of events generate learning sparks which open a whole new world of professional learning for some teachers. I'm hoping that will happen again on Saturday!

Tomorrow is my first EdCampSTL. I have seen EdCamp events all over the United States for over a year or so now, but this is the first time I've seen it in St. Louis.

What I'm most anxious to see is how the day is organized and run. Even before attending an event like this, I've considered throwing together a Lutheran unconference with my friend Mike Kratzer for St. Louis area Lutheran Schools. Beside the no/low cost aspect, we know there are ton of talented teachers in the greater St. Louis area who would be great at sharing their ideas. Many teachers want no part of  presenting a traditional conference sectional, but would be willing to be part of the unconference discussion/sharing model.

So, tomorrow's the day.  I am bummed to be missing the social get together tonight, but I'll be ready of a day packed full of conversation and learning.

Even if you're not attending be sure to check out the information coming from the #edcamptl hashtag and Google Plus Community

Who knows...you might even hear about a Lutheran Schools Unconference coming soon to the St. Louis area!

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