Like a fly drawn to the flames....

What's more intriguing than a "cult classic" video on YouTube? How about a live event with all your favorite YouTube "celebs!" I've been fascinated by the YouTube Live event that took place Saturday night. If you are a hardcore YouTuber, you would have appreciated all the inside jokes, videos, personalities, and dreams come true.

I only watched about fifteen minutes live, but enjoyed several clips the day after. According to the blog Digital Media Wire: " the show had about 700,000 simultaneous viewers at the peak of the event, according to NewTeeVee, and clips from YouTube Live have been viewed an additional2,5 million times in the immediate 24 hours afterwards." That's a lot of viewers! I wonder if my religion unit last week on the prophet Isaiah would draw that much? Probably not...

For me, the best performance came from a young man named FunTwo. He had been posting videos of himself playing guitar for a year or so... and he is REALLY good. During the live event he got the opportunity to play with metal, guitar legend Joe Satriani. What endears me to this story is that a young Korean kid goes to school in New Zealand, uploads videos of himself playing and is now jamming with a guitar virtuoso on a live international event.

I wonder talents our kids have hiding inside that the world is waiting to hear from? What thing are just swimming around in their heads waiting to get out? And what are we doing in schools that help students develop those skills?

I'm sure we can all do with a little less Fred, Charlie the Unicorn, and Will It Blend, but the one thing we should never do with out is providing opportunities for our students to be creative and inventive.

Just a thought...

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