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Wouldn't it have been nice to have a class in college on how to be a presenter. Now I did have a public speaking course at River Forest, but that doesn't neccessarily guarantee the ability to provide one-time, effective professiona development (or parent development which was this weekends case).

Anyway....the point being was that this coming Sunday, as well as last, our Next Generation Ministry will be hosting parent "Hot Topic" sessions. I have the blesses opportunity of being the presenter for both of those (UStream of the first session). Feel free to critique my performance. I find myself being a bit scatter brained when it comes to presenting so much material. Basically it boiled down to present more information than I had time. Was caught between wanting to share with parents how the Web is still developing and how that impacts families and then the more practical, "Hey, this is what an average 3rd grader should be doing with the computer or online." When I do the presentation this week, I think I'll focus more on the latter.

Here is the wiki link to my notes  They are pretty "sparce" right now, but will have everything

full updated before Sunday. Feel free to add anything that you'd like! Will definitely add more of the spiritual components this week.

Being a presenter isn't easy. I used to envy professional ed tech conference speakers (I know they do more than that :-), but it's hard work! 

Isola! [with SD14], "Heavy Work." Isola! [with SD14]'s Photostream. 20 May 2007. 23 Sep 2008 

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