I Love This Stuff....

Can I just say that I appreciate more and more the Internet and all the awesome possibilities it provides!  For example, I twittered earlier this week about teachers using Shutterfly for classroom photos and issues pertaining to privacy. Later that day, some one from Shutterfly had replied to my tweet.


That was awesome! The folks at Shutterfly have someone watching Twitter for comments about their product. Talk about effective marketing and strategic thinking. I'm not teaching my students to think like that yet, do you? I've got some work to do.

Also learned  today about a new tool called Glogster. At least it was new to me!

Cindy Lane twittered about using Glogster in a grad course, so I thought I'd give it a shout. Maybe a presenter for the upcoming K12 Online Conference will create poster as a promo using Glogster (Quick reminder that the conference starts October 13 with a pre-conference keynote. Be there or be square)?

Thought I'd play around a little bit. This is a poster for my sectional at the MO District Professional Church Workers Conference this November (If you'd like to contribute to the presentation, feel free). What do you think? 

You've Gotta Love This Stuff!
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