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Here is a link to a blog post from the TechLearning blog by Bob Sprankle, "I'm Still Rezzing."

It is incredibley well written and puts many of my thoughts into words (so I don't have too!). I am greatly indebted to my network of colleagues who keep me update and still "learning!"

I wish there where more hours in the day to read all the blogs in my RSS feed, listen to all the podcasts, and attend all the meetings in Second Life, but alas there is not. That's where the network comes in. There are really too many people to count who have contributed to my knowledge. Thanks so much, we couldn't have done it with out you! What ever I can't learn first hand, they are able to know and share.

Remember, the world doesn't belong to the "knower," but to the "networked"

Image: Flickr: "Groups V. Networks." Uploaded on September 28, 2006by leekraus

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