St. Louis Earthquake

I now can say I've been through an earthquake : ) The 5.4 magnitude earthquake sat me up out of bed this morning. There was some wrestling going on with my snooze button around 4:15am this morning, but an earthquake has a way of getting you up regardless.

The cool thing, besides going through it, was how fast information spread. I was a bit disappointed that Google News had only one news story available roughly 20 minutes afterwards.

BUT....the earthquake site already had all the available data. They even had a KML available for download in Google Earth (image to the right). How powerful is that information in a classroom! Wow! I know what we'll be doing today!

It was cool to even get access to maps that our local news service was using before they started broadcasting them!

Our friends in California might not be impressed with a 5.4, but to those of us in the Midwest, it will be the topic of conversation for a while.

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