Sorry the RSS Worksheet!

After setting Google Docs to publish my "are you paying attention" worksheet to my blog, it dawned on me that wasn't a great idea. There are 22 people reading my blog...or listening to my non-existent podcasts...that will look at the worksheet and go "what?" Sorry about that! I had not yet published to my blog from Google Docs and wanted to give it a try. Thanks for your patients.

On the non-apologetic other side, the video is great to use with Middle School kids as an introduction to Copyright, Fair Use, and Public Domain. I originally got there from Wes Fryers PBWiki Copyright page.

The video was created by Eric Faden of Bucknell University and is posted on the The Center for Internet and Society (CIS) website from Standford Law School. It uses scenes from Disney films to tell the story of copyright. How ironic because Disney is most likely the worst business in America when it comes to safe-guarding intellectual properties.


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