Copyright and Fair Use--Thing for students to think about!

Copyright Definition:

Copyright is a __________ fixed _______ ________in some form that can be ________ or heard

Only the ______________ _______________ has the right to __________ their ____________.

It is _____________ to use a coyright work without being granted ____________ by the

___________ _____________.

Anyone who threatens the copyright of an owner has __________ _________ __________.

You'd better be able to __________ for that copyright ______________.

What things can be copyrighted:





you CAN NOT copyright an _______

Culture thought it would be __________ to limit the power of a _________


You can only __________ the _______ an _________ takes.

Copyright Duration & the Public Domain:

A copyright only ________ for a fixed amount of _________

For example, a copyright may originally last for ______ ___________

The ________ thought that would be long enough for a copyright _________ to make _________ off of their work.

After _____ years, that copyright work will enter the __________ _________.

Works in the _________ _________ are free for _________ to use!

The ________ _________ is essential because our culture created _______ ideas by building on earlier works.

So the public domain is necessary for a living thriving society.

Unfortunately, copyright law is getting longer and their seems to be no limitation on how long a copyright can last.

Currently, a copyright lasts a _________ plus __________ years

A company's copyright can last over a __________ years

Fair Use

There are ____________ on copyright law.

Fair use are limitations on copyright.

You can ____________ a small amount of copyright work for __________________, ___________________, ____________,

and _____________________.

Guidelines that demonstrate fair use: the ______________ of the work borrowed, _____________ you borrowed,

_______________ ________________. doesn't change the original works value in the _________________.

Fair use is not a right, only a legal, defensable position.

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