METC 2009--Fighting Plagiarism: A Fence or an Ambulance?

Doug Johnson--A Fence or an Ambulance? Original poem by Joseph Malins

Simple Tip--when you copy and paste, change text color so students remember what is theirs and what isn't.

Put as in the hands of the students.

"The principal sin of plagiarism is not ethical, but cognitive" Brad Hokanson, U of Minnesota

How can we construct research assignments to minimize plagiarism and create more meaning

Anupholstraphobia-- Fear of not covering all of your material :-)

Elements of a good assignments:
The Four A's:

Assignments that Matter

  1. Have a clarity of purpose and expectation- WIIFM(What's in it for me).
  2. Give students choices--generate built in motivation
  3. Are relevant: personal, timely, local
  4. Stress higher level thinking skills--We don't want creative paraphrasing (compare and contrast, write a prevention article, story from POV, Analyze of fear of). Move up Bloom's! Research questions must move up the pyramid (Stay away from the three R's: rote, restraint, regurgitation).
  5. Answer a Question: legitimate and useful (level 1-4 questioning)
Ken Macrories I-Search Tips:
  • Let the topic choose you.
  • Use local experts
  • Tell your findings as a story
  • Reveal feelings to create a lively paper

Activities that involve

In the full presentation:

Assessments that help--formative assessments

In the full presentation:

Attitude is all (Teacher Attitude=Philosophy)

All kids are able to do creative work. J-curve--given enough time, every child can improve their skills

Engaging kids Spirit and creativity

Poem of the stick with it frog
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