Technology Current Events

I've decided to add a component to my "computer class" with my 5th-8th grade students for the second semester, and I tried today with the kids. It was pretty well received and I hope to continue it every Friday during the second semester.

Technology Current Events!!!

I started with two online news articles and one YouTube video (unfortunately they weren't related topics, but there was something for everyone :-)

1. 3-D Printing!

2. ZCam
3. The Year of the Cell Phone

Why current events? Well, students are sponges when it comes to the new technologies and it gives us an opportunity to introduce things the first time before they find them on their own and misuse or abuse them. I don't think that is the case with any of these topics, but that type of conversation is always good to have.

I also think students need permission sometimes to be creative and not think about what we WANT them to think about. These new technologies, or ideas about technologies, give us an opportunity to ask questions like: "Ok, what is the next possible step for that...(whatever it is)? Or what are the dangers or advantages to that...(whatever it is)? What kind of college degree do you think you'd need to make that, or invent that? What do you think could be improved or changed?

Learning is a lot about conversation and I believe these conversations are valuable for our kids!

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