Not On Our Watch

As I was driving to school this morning, I happened upon the NPR radio show, Morning Edition. The interview was with actor Don Cheadle star of the movie Hotel Rwanda and co-author of a new book, "Not On Our Watch" (Authored by John Prendergast). The book chronicles their journey into the war-torn Darfur region of the Sudan.

What struck me about the interview wasn't the political call to action that was intended...although I am humanly concerned about what's happening in Sudan. But rather the quote from the movie Hotel Rwanda that was used in the intro to program which can be seen/heard below.

What struck me most about this scene was how people consume media without ever acting. Regardless of your political views or whether or not you think it's our governments job to help the people of Darfur, as Christians, we are called to help and provide for those people. This comment is as much directed toward myself as to anyone else!

As Lutheran, Christian school teachers we have a duty to teach our students that they need to step beyond the media (and the technology that delivers it) to help the hurting people on the other side of the computer/TV/Radio.

At the very least, technology gives students the opportunity to have a dialogue or a conversation with the world in which they live and have that conversation in such a way that spurs them to action. God the Holy Spirit uses means by which to accomplish its work, may new technology tools inspire students, to reach out and be the Good Samaritan to people in need...even if they are thousands of miles away!

How do they reach out? The question isn't how, but what is the best way!

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